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    Stunning Harari wedding ❤

    harari weddings are so beautiful

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    The Love That Will Be Ready
    Words by nayyirahwaheed

    When I first read this piece of work by Nayyirah Waheed, I immediately thought back to this past year, about how hard it was to give love to others while having enough left over for myself.

    And it gave me a lot of peace to read it. And to understand that the healing I have been working on for so long does not mean I am selfish has been revolutionary for me. To learn to love myself is revolutionary for me. Growing up in an Asian family, it has truly been a conflict to learn how to balance loving others while loving myself.

    I understand that having been left/abandoned means I was not ready. I left someone on the bridge, and someone left me on the bridge soon after. It takes time. And while I don’t believe the whole “No one will love you if you don’t love yourself” ordeal, I do strongly believe that putting yourself first — your needs, your well-being, your heart — is so, so important. I cannot stress that enough.

    "The love that will be ready" — that is the love you have locked away for yourself. I genuinely hope you allow yourself to accept it. It has always been yours.

    Raychelle Duazo

    beautiful interpretation of this piece. beautiful artwork. i am both honored and eased, knowing that my words have brought this amazing artist peace. and that it has inspired their art. this is amazing.

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    God:you have to die so their sins can be forgiven
    Jesus:i just came here to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
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    #amharic #harari #ethiopian #dad

    #amharic #harari #ethiopian #dad

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